The Leith Silver Company is currently creating new designs for golf club events and members, corporate incentive and reward gifts along with a range of interior design pieces.

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Based in Scotland, The Leith Silver Company uniquely combines golf, history, design and craftsmanship to create timeless presentation pieces and artwork for those with a passion for golf.

Their team of highly skilled artisans work together to ensure that the designs and quality live up to your expectations.

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Bring the origins of golf into your home, clubhouse or office with this full size silver golf club. Crafted to the highest standards, the Summerfield is presented on a bespoke stand of hand flamed oak with striking contrasts of natural oak.

Our design uses the baffing spoon - or Baffie - template of Hugh Philp,the world renowned ' Stradivarius of club makers.

The inspiration for the Summerfield is the silver club trophy created for the worlds first ever golf competition in 1744. The event was held at Leith Links Edinburgh, is of great historical significence as the rules of golf were drawn up for this competition.

At the time of the competition, Leith Links had just 5 holes our Summerfield design symbolises this through the five silver balls representing each of these holes.

Each ball is a precise and beautiful work of craftsmanship in its own right.

The Summerfield is hand crafted from a flat sheet of silver using the same exceptional skills and craftsmanship which created the original before. Owning this exquisite club and stand gives you a valuable golf artefact of enduring beauty along with an immersion in golfs rich history.

The Summerfield comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, silversmiths glover, polishing cloth an LSC sterling silver ball marker and a small book on golfing history.

The club with stand measures 102cm long 8cm wide and 20cm high.

With sterling silver featherie golf balls
This traditionally crafted replica of the Baffie is displayed on a bespoke stand crafted from the charred staves of 25 year old malt whisky barrels. The staves are delicately crafted to produce a subtle visual flow, displaying the Claremont as one would a precious object of beauty.

Heading 1

Together the full size Claremont and the handmade stand form a stunning focal point for the home, clubhouse or board room combining the bygone days of golf's rich history with the talent of 21st century craftsmanship.

The Claremont can be purchased with either sterling silver featheries or leather-style balls with sterling silver bands.

The Claremont comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The club with stand measures 102cm long 5cm wide and 20cm high.

With leather featherie style balls and sterling silver bands.
All of our hickory clubs come in an outstanding handmade presentation box with faux leather finish.​ Included are the following:
  • Certificate of authenticity